Roy Taylor,

Roy Taylor is Professor of Medicine and Metabolism , magnetic Resonance Centre, Campus for Ageing and Vitality, Newcastle upon tyne


TITLE OF HIS SPEECH : Food and type 2 diabetes: Restoring the milieu interieur

Rachel Batterham,

Rachel Batterham is Professor of Obesity, Diabetes & Endocrinology

NIHR Research Professor

Head of UCLH Obesity & Bariatric Services 

Head of the Centre for Obesity Research

Department of Medicine

Rayne Building

University College London

5 University Street



TITLE OF HER SPEECH: Insights from bariatric surgery

Nikolaus Marx

Nikolaus Marx is director of the Medical Cardiology clinic-Cardilogy , pneumonology,angiology,internal intensive care Aachen University Hospital RWTH Aachen


TITLE OF HIS SPEECH: incretins, diabetes and CV disease 

Gilles Mithieux

Gilles Mithieux is Resaerch Director - CNRS-Director of U 1213, Nutrition, Diabetes and the Brain

TITLE OF HER SPEECH : Gut-Brain glucose signaling in the control of energy homeostasis

Aimo Kannt

PhD Priv.-Doz, Head, Comorbidities and Complications of Diabetes, Sanofi Diabetes Research

TITLE OF HIS SPEECH: Therapeutic potentiel of multi-incretin therapy-from mice to men